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Minna Abassi, MAIO 

Passionate about making a difference.


After a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and finding myself in complete burnout, I was diagnosed autistic at age 30. The wave of relief I felt the day I got my diagnosis was quickly replaced with more questions than the answers I'd been provided. I struggled to find the mental-health, workplace, relationship, and life guidance and support I felt I needed to climb out of burnout and back to feeling like myself again. It took me years of trial-and-error to take inventory of who I was vs. the mask I'd spent three decades creating.

My mission now is to do my part in creating a society auties can thrive in.


As a coach, I offer guidance and support to other auties, especially those recently diagnosed, questioning self-diagnosis, stuck in burnout, and interested in creating a life that works well for their unique needs. I enjoy working with those from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive knowledge of the queer, kink, and poly communities. 


Using my graduate-level education in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, coupled with my lived autistic experience, I consult with businesses looking to learn more about autism and create neurodivergent-inclusive business practices for both employees and customers.

My Coaching Journey

I've been volunteering and working in peer support, mentoring, coaching, and consulting roles for the last two decades. Like many autistic girls, I gravitated to animals early on and earn a BS in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona. I spent over 10 years as an animal behavior professional- mentoring, teaching, and coaching along the way.


In 2020, I endeavored to make a positive difference for the autistic and neurodivergent communities. I began a Master's program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Adler University in hopes of creating more inclusive work opportunities. During this time, I consulted professionally with corporations seeking to build out neurodiversity hiring programs and began offering neurodivergent coaching services.


I founded All Things Autie in 2021 after earning an I/O Psych MA and ADA Coordinator Certificate. I provided many services through All Things Autie, but most of my professional time is spent as an ND coach to a wonderful group of clients. 

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