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Through consulting, I help others expand their practical awareness of the autistic lived-experience and neurodiversity-affirming methods of inclusion. Each consulting program is tailored to your unique context and needs. I provide education, guidance, and expertise to help you expand and adjust your understanding of incorporating neurodiversity-inclusion into your endeavors. (I'm also here to acknowledge the progress you've already made! ) No matter what your goals are, let me help you maximize the payoff from your efforts.

Bussiness Coaching & Consulting

Are you a professional looking to build practical knowledge of neurodiversity-inclusion? Or a business representative seeking to create a more inclusive environment?

Lived-experience Consulting

Are you a parent, loved-one, support-worker, professional, or creative looking to expand your awareness of the autistic lived-experience?

Business Coaching & Consulting

Using a formal education, in conjunction with my professional and lived experience, I help businesses create a culture of inclusion. With an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and multiple certificates in ADA implementation, I have an educational basis for understanding the human element of business. I have a keen eye for pattern recognition and forecasting trends. Combining pattern recognition with my lived experience and extensive work with neurodivergent clients,  I've cultivated a unique perspective on how to create inclusive spaces. All Things Autie guides businesses in developing a creative culture of accommodation that reaches beyond neurodivergent employees and extends benefits to the company at every level.

Business offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom neurodiversity workforce programs

  • Support with ADA accommodations requests and implementation

  • Neurodiversity education for managers

  • Inclusive recruitment and hiring workshops and consulting

  • Coaching for employees and candidates as an ADA accommodation

  • Presentations and panels

  • ERG creation and support

  • Disability inclusivity consulting, including assessments and solutions

Autistic lived-experience Consulting

Lived-experience consulting is perfect for those seeking an authentic look inside the autistic experience- whether for personal, professional, or creative endeavors. Using my behavioral pattern recognition in conjunction with my lived experience and extensive work with neurodivergent clients, I have the privilege of developing a diverse look into the autistic experience. I offer lived-experience consulting for those seeking to use the information in ways that lift up the autistic community.


Types of consulting offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensitivity reading

  • Consulting on creative or media projects

  • Assisting those with autistic loved ones in better understanding the internal autistic experience

  • Education for autism professionals and educators on the lived autistic experience


This type of consulting is tailored exclusively to your unique needs and purposes. Reach out through email for more information or to set up a free info call!

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